Psychoanalysis Of Movie Characters: A Study Of Troy Maxon In Fences And The Narrator/ Tyler Durden In Fight Club by Moses Ipadeola



One of the greatest and the noblest arts in the world no doubt is the art of making …

The Critics Killed Him by ‘Chukwu Martin

Akin died. He couldn’t take it.

Akin’s Story

I invited flies to my funeral. These parasites devoured my film scene

The New World Order of Ifa Therapy Director, Moses Ipadeola

Commentaries in films about mental health can never be enough, especially now, with the increased awareness of how debilitating ignoring

Is The Cinema the problem? Or is Cinema the problem? by Tolu Fosudo

We were all alive when the revered director and filmmaker Martin Scorsese made the now famous ‘theme park’ comments about …

Rue: short, layered and delightful by ‘Chukwu Martin

A collective effort to pass an exam makes for effortless collaboration, and collaboration aims for a greater attempt at success …

Screenwriting with Kehinde Joseph

Mr. Kehinde Joseph is a foremost screenwriter and teacher. Some of the films he’s penned include Knocking on Heaven’s Door, …

Sugar Rush, Conspiracy Theories and the EFCC by Hope Eniayekan

Call me late to the Sugar party but Lagos is a busy city and, sadly, so am I. However, the …