A Quick-fire through the Business of Cable Distribution Channels with Okafor Buchi

Okafor Buchi Kingsley works with IrokoTV as an Application Manager. A few weeks ago, he discussed “The Business of Cable

Dialogue with Goodness Emmanuel: Why you may not get that big break as an actor

Goodness Emmanuel has featured in several theatre, TV and film productions:  Kongi’s Harvest (in commemoration of Wole Soyinka at 75), …

Dialogues: How funding in film really works by Ojie Imoloame

 Ojie Imoloame is a Digital Consultant and a Film Producer. He engaged the Film Rats Club on source funding and

The Set Up, A Ship Caught Adrift In The Wide Gap Between Great Intentions and Brilliant Execution

The Set Up, as directed by well-known film director and producer Niyi Akinmolayan, is a break away from …

Uche Chika Elumelu on respecting the Director’s Ultimate Eye.

The great Marlon Brando once said, an actor is at most poet and at least an entertainer. Regardless of where

Psychoanalysis Of Movie Characters: A Study Of Troy Maxon In Fences And The Narrator/ Tyler Durden In Fight Club by Moses Ipadeola



One of the greatest and the noblest arts in the world no doubt is the art of making …

The Critics Killed Him by ‘Chukwu Martin

Akin died. He couldn’t take it.

Akin’s Story

I invited flies to my funeral. These parasites devoured my film scene