The Set Up, A Ship Caught Adrift In The Wide Gap Between Great Intentions and Brilliant Execution

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  1. Babatunde says:

    The setup is a set up. Nice article.

  2. Bolaji says:

    I’m yet to see the film. Will probably come back here to comment again once I’ve seen it. Your writing is however beautiful. Well done.

    1. Anonymous says:

      It’s a set up.

    2. admin says:

      Thank you. Looking forward to your notes

  3. Taiwo Egunjobi says:

    Brutal review. Failed attempt to make a brain twister film,mildly successful attempt at trying out something new.

    1. Dolapo Bankole says:

      Beautiful Write up, I do not totally agree with some of your views on Adesuwas acting but this is an intense write up

  4. James Chizzy says:

    Pricking review. When will Nigerian filmmakers learn that storytelling is a craft of its own and not just a framework for camera angles and unnecessary grandeur? I’m glad at least at the attempt to shift into other genres.

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