A Tribute by Tunde Kelani

“It is important to the dead how we say our goodbyes

How we light scented candles of words in their

The Lost Okoroshi: Nigerian Cinema welcomes a New Master and his Tricks by Taiwo Egunjobi

The Surreal 16 collective of ‘Fiery’ Obasi, Abba T. Makama and Mike Omonua’s vow to tell stories with elements …

 “He Who Shares Name With Yam” – The Tradox System – ‘Chukwu Martin

Ipadeola Moses’ Ifa therapy gives quite a lot to theatrics. He wants you to find the answers in the philological …

“I am Nigerian, I am African” – Dialogue with ‘Sunkanmi Adebayo

“In the next 10 years there will be more producers and filmmakers jostling for a space to express themselves through



Elevator Baby is a 2019 Nigerian drama thriller film directed by Akay Mason and produced by