Lupita is Americanah by Dika Ofoma

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  1. Zohan says:

    Let’s hope so tho. Nigerians like to hold things dear to them strongly. And we complain of accent alot. Been watching Bob Hearts Adesola the series and I hear people still say the Nigerian (yoruba) accent of Adesola isn’t good enough. Nigerians can’t be satisfied that’s just it.
    Can’t wait to see lupita bring the character to life tho

  2. Anonymous says:

    An actor is an actor. An actor can play. Lupita can play.

  3. Opeyemi says:

    I believe Lupita will do the role well

  4. Bolaji says:

    This is a very good angle to the issue. Film is universal. Therefore anyone can play any role as long as the fellow is fitting.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good one Mr Dika, a balanced arguement. #Facts only

  6. Adebola says:

    Nigerians can play anybody but not everyone can play us. Please leave us alone

  7. Korede says:

    As valid as the senti-arguments are, we understand that the true nature of a character lies in the trippledecker core; writing, directing and acting. If these three are satisfied then even a male actor from Madagascar can play the role of a female seal in the North Pole.

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