DON’T BE A CINEMA FOOL written by Film Rats

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  1. Hahahahahah! They will know what is going on with a post like this. Well done FilmRats. Keep sensitizing us.

  2. Ottah Osondu says:

    Noted Sir and Ma.

    Yours sincerely. 😀

    1. Seyi Bello says:

      Osondu I meet you here.

  3. Ebbie says:

    Film Rats always repping💪💪

  4. Tunde Komolafe says:


  5. Jim jim says:

    What if it has serious face or the synopsis don’t match what I get on screen

  6. Samuel Jones says:

    Don’t go see a movie because of peer pressure…See it because you want to.. Just like me..lool.. I find that fascinating.. nice

  7. Oluwaxplorer says:

    😂 😂 😂 😂

  8. Taiwo Egunjobi says:

    Great post, We need more explainers like this. E.g How to spot a bad film from the trailer or poster .

  9. Eze, Izu. Daniel says:

    Thanks 😄

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